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Chinese Students Explore God in Dallas

I spoke at a retreat for our Dallas and Ft Worth campus movements a few weeks ago. A few leaders on campuses like TCU and UT-Arlington had started discussion groups on campus for non-believers–called Explore God groups. Several churches throughout the Dallas area have been participating in an Explore God campaign, which includes billboards along the highways. Two Chinese students who have been going to an Explore God group came to the Fall Retreat. I spoke with both of them a few times over the weekend. They arrived in the US 5 weeks ago. One of the students said that growing up she would often ask her mom about God, but her mom would put her off saying, “How can I answer your questions about God?”… Read MoreChinese Students Explore God in Dallas »

Greeks Gather to Grow in Relationship with God

  Many of us saw the images from Old Dominion University fraternities welcoming incoming freshman girls this fall. While often Greek life is characterized by images of partying, God is at work drawing students to himself. At Stephen F Austin University more than 500 fraternity and sorority students showed up to the first week of Bible studies in their houses.                    

Training New Campus Leaders

During June and July, our family invested 5 weeks in Ft Collins, CO this summer leading a training for all of the new campus team leaders with Cru from across the country.  This was such a high leverage opportunity to impart into these young missionaries vision, skill, theological training, and strategic thinking. This training not only helps them navigate the difficult challenges of leading a ministry on today’s complex college campus but will advance the gospel to thousands of students. The 7 men pictured with William and me took part in the training this summer and are some of the men I coach and give leadership throughout the year. These men  reach strategic places like Oklahoma U, Texas Tech, LSU, Rice, U of Houston, Baylor,… Read MoreTraining New Campus Leaders »

Growing Movement to Reach Diverse Campus

2 years ago the Cru movement at UT San Antonio started the school year with 4 students involved. As they have taken steps of faith to share the gospel on campus and more strategically reach leaders, God has grown their movement. Next year’s leadership team [pictured above] of 20 students includes 14 students from ethnic minority backgrounds to reach their diverse campus.

Spiritual Multiplication

Since I read Robert Coleman, The Master Plan of Evangelism as a college student during a plane flight on my way to Kampala, Uganda, I have been captured by the value of multiplying my life through evangelism and discipleship.

Laborers to the Harvest

I recently spoke at a commissioning for 72 recent graduates from across the region. These students come from 22 different schools, and they will be investing the next school year reaching and equipping students with the gospel across Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, and 9 international locations.    

Making His Impact Beyond Campus

I met Brad at Northwestern while playing a pickup basketball game the first week of his freshman year in 2004. After wrestling with the gospel throughout that year, he gave his life to Christ. Today, he and his wonderful wife, Lorna Beth, lead a small group at John Piper’s church in Minneapolis. Brad works as lawyer, and recently spoke at U of Minnesota Cru about God’s view on sex. We are proud to see former students make an impact for years to come.  

Lost students become Christ-centered missionaries

Joe, Steve, and Mike (the three on the left) recently led a mission trip to the Middle East. I met each them when they were freshmen at Northwestern. Steve and Mike weren’t believers at that point. In fact, they were an atheist and an agnostic. Today, Joe and Steve serve on staff with Cru at Northwestern U, and Mike reaches some of the least reached people in the world with a ministry called StoryRunners. We have seen dozens of former students serve as missionaries on campus and around the globe.

Would you tell me about God?

These fraternity pledges want to hear more about a relationship with God. One of our mission leaders is there to communicate the good news.