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Story of Life Change

Jospin shares at the Cru Winter Conference how God is changing his life.

Reaching their Alma Mater

Justin and Dustin both graduated last year from Arkansas Tech. This year, they returned to serve with Cru and help launch a new movement at the alma mater.  They met Kelsey [above left] at the start of the year. Although not a believer at the time, Kelsey kept coming to Cru events and got plugged into Dustin’s small group. Last week, only Kelsey showed up at Bible study. Over the next 2 hours, Dustin answered Kelsey’s questions about God’s Word. As they talked about the thief on the cross, Kelsey was shocked that a thief could be forgiven, and more importantly that God would forgive Kelsey. That night, in what looked like off night for Bible study, something amazing happened for Kelsey, and he prayed to… Read MoreReaching their Alma Mater »

Ready to Move On

I met Olivia [pictured left] and Petra [right] while speaking at the Oklahoma State Cru Retreat in September. Olivia had been coming around the Cru movement for a couple of years but never willing to move forward with Jesus. That weekend she gave her life to Christ.  Before returning to campus she posted on her Facebook, “I decided to give my life to Christ…I am finally ready to move on and not be so angry, sad, lonely, and scared anymore.”     Petra is a believer from Finland, who is studying abroad at OkState for the year. She said she was learning everything she could about campus ministry while she’s here to be able to reach her friends when she gets back to Helsinki. I… Read MoreReady to Move On »

Equipped this summer to impact his campus

Steven, a student leader with Cru at U of Houston, invested his summer with Cru reaching university students in East Asia. God used his experience and training this summer to prepare him for mission back at UofH. Below is a story from Steven: I invited a fellow ROTC cadet to Cru and to Valor (a Bible study we have in ROTC). Because Zach quickly accepted my invitations, I never realized he wasn’t believer. Last week, our Cru leader, Joshua, spoke at Cru about how to know God exists. Zach came up to me and said that the talk cleared up some of the challenges that were hindering him from believing. As we were walking back to the dorm, I asked him more about what he knew… Read MoreEquipped this summer to impact his campus »

Christian Faculty Impact Students

U of Central Arkansas Cru hosted an event where 4 Christian faculty spoke with students at the weekly meeting to share what they usually don’t say (or at times can’t say) in the classroom. Having Christian faculty engaged with students is a highlight for both the students and faculty. Many students wrestle with the fear that their faith in Jesus may not fit in academia. Many students sit in classes where a professor may take shots at Christianity and rarely hear anyone respond.

Highway to Hell to Stairway to Heaven

This one is too good to pass up. Brian, one of our Cru leaders at Texas A&M, met an incoming freshmen wearing a classic AC/DC “Highway to Hell” shirt. After talking for a minute they realized they were from the same town and started to connect. Brian shared with him the gospel and after they got together a couple of times to talk about it more, the student trusted Christ. Some of the A&M Cru folks joked that it’s time to change from “Highway to Hell” to “Stairway to Heaven.”

Sending Leaders

Tammy and I helped lead Cru at Northwestern University from 2003 to 2010. Recently, I traveled to Chicago for a wedding of a former student. One of the highlights was spending the evening with this group of former students. I met each of them when they were freshmen in 2004. At that point a couple weren’t believers and a couple were young in their faith. Tammy and I love the long term impact of sending leaders from the college campus. Sarah [my right], who began walking with Jesus as a student, holds a Masters in Counseling from Wheaton and gives leadership to the development. residence hall staff at Moody Bible Institute 4 are involved in a church plant in St Paul, MN. Lorna Beth [second… Read MoreSending Leaders »

“I am one of those changed lives.” — Juan

I met Juan [pictured above on the far left] in February when I was at U of Houston. Talking with a group of Cru student leaders over pizza, I asked who were students in their movement who had experienced a real changed life. After a moment, Juan spoke up, “I am one of those changed lives.” He shared how in high school his life heading out of control. But, at U of H he crossed paths with some fellow students that were involved in Cru. After coming to the Cru Winter Conference as a freshman, Juan gave his life to Christ. This summer, Juan joined more than 50 other students in Branson, Missouri for a leadership development opportunity with Cru. I asked Juan to shared… Read More“I am one of those changed lives.” — Juan »

From Lost in the Backyard to Missionary Across the Sea

I met Marcus about a year ago when I spoke to the high school seniors at our church about how to make an impact in college. Marcus began high school an atheist, but a few summers ago friends invited him to a Backyard Bible Club, which our church does every summer does in our neighborhood. In that backyard Marcus placed his faith in Jesus. Last spring, I helped connect Marcus with our Cru leader in San Antonio before he even began college. Marcus seized the opportunity not just to survive his freshman year but to thrive in his faith. Marcus’ own journey from atheism to faith fuels a passion for apologetics and connecting with those who are far from God. He’s part of a 17-member… Read MoreFrom Lost in the Backyard to Missionary Across the Sea »

God Used a Free T-shirt and a Senior Named Tim to Change a Life

My story starts off sad,” Tyler began as he stood up at Fall Retreat for LSU Cru to share how the Lord has worked in his life. Last February he found himself drunk, alone in his car, and crying. He was tired of the life he was living, the consequences of decisions he was making, and how his friends always choosing girls and alcohol over him. Tyler turned to God that night asking for help. After hearing about Cru through our free t-shirt giveaways last year, Tyler came to a few Cru meetings, and even attended Winter Conference. Tim, a senior involved in Cru, initiated with him. After Tyler’s crisis, he began to meet regularly with Tim. They studied the Bible and talked about the… Read MoreGod Used a Free T-shirt and a Senior Named Tim to Change a Life »