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LSU Students Reaching Europe’s Oldest University

22 Students and Cru Staff from LSU spent Spring Break reaching students in Bologna, Italy. University of Bologna was founded in 1088. With 0.09% of Italian students attending any religious service regularly and far more than half of Italian students even believing there is a God, it often takes someone entering into their space…

Students Use Spring Break to Make an Impact

Students from San Antonio traveled to New Orleans to partner with the Baptist Campus Ministries. They invested part of the week serving local communities and helping local churches. A couple of days, they met students on a few New Orleans university campuses to help surface students who would want to explore more about God.

Students Look to Start Cru on Their Campuses

50 students from 13 campuses across Texas and Louisiana which do not have Cru on their campus came to a weekend retreat in February to learn how God could use them to make an impact on their campus–and for several through their athletic team. Over the weekend 3 students realized that the first step…