Tim is an incredible leader who impacts thousands of college students for Christ every year. Drawing on over 20+ years of fruitful college ministry experience, Tim now yields exponential results as he gives leadership to over 48 campuses. Through his leadership our four-state region has grown from 2,300 to 3,400 college students involved. On our campus at the University of Arkansas, Tim has helped us be more strategic in reaching lost students with the gospel. The Lord has used this and we are seeing five times as many students trust Christ than we were a few years ago. Tim's wisdom and insight into college ministry is invaluable to me as I lead our ministry. Every week I'll call him to think through an obstacle that is hindering the spread of the gospel on our campus. Reach the campus and you will reach the world. Few people in the world are having as significant of an impact on reaching college students as Tim Norman.
Tim Casteel
Cru Team Leader, U of Arkansas
I greatly appreciate Tim leading our region. For 18 years, I led Cru at Texas A&M, and Tim helped me to do this job better. He brings experience and wisdom to help us reach this strategic campus of over 50,000 students and mobilize students for lifelong impact in the world. Many of you have bosses you report to. The great thing about reporting to Tim is that not only does he understand the complexities of reaching students on campus but he cares for me. He has taken time to get to know my wife and me and to understand the complexities of leading at A&M. He is a great encourager, and I appreciate that he is there for me. He is significantly impacting the students in our whole region. He and Tammy are a great investment.
Brian White
Former Cru Team Leader, Texas A&M