What’s So Great about Forgiveness

A few weeks ago, I spoke at a couple of outreaches in Houston. At Rice University, I addressed “What’s So Great about Forgiveness?” and offered an opportunity for questions. Avery, a student leader with Cru, helped arrange the event. He said:

After Dr. Norman’s talk, my Jewish friend asked me questions about Jesus. I’m excited to follow up with him to share more about Jesus and how he fulfills many things in the Old Testament. 

Another friend, who is from Korea and is a Physics and Philosophy major, came to the talk on forgiveness. I’m glad he could hear someone with faith like Dr. Norman talk about philosophy and point it to the gospel. This outreach opens a door for more conversations about the uniqueness of the forgiveness offered in Jesus. Hopefully, he will come to know Jesus personally and the forgiveness he offers.

Following my talk at Rice, I stayed around for questions. A number of international students wanted to know more about what made forgiveness from Jesus so great.