Reaching Students in Thessaloniki

Our team of 11 college students and our family is investing six weeks in Thessaloniki, Greece working to launch a student ministry on the largest university in Greece, Aristotle University. Every day from 11–4 we talk with students as they hang out in cafes on campus preparing for their upcoming examinations.

In this picture, Chris and Tyler, two Texas State students, shared the gospel with two Greek students. Both students eagerly answered questions about their thoughts about God. We have been able to meet with them a couple of times already.

Our hope for these weeks is to meet many students, have spiritual conversations with them, to share the gospel, and to build some friendships. We pray that we can discover even a few believers who would be interested in starting an Agape Student (what Cru is called in Europe) group on their campus. The Greek ministry would provide on-going coaching for these students.