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Equipping Mission Leaders

In October and November, Tim addressed groups of campus missionaries who are reaching students and faculty with the gospel throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas. Here, he speaks to over 130 missionaries

Out of the darkness

One fraternity guy at the LSU Cru retreat is coming out of the darkness. Some things at the LSU Fall Retreat surprised me, like the FEMA trailer that I shared with roaches for the weekend and the student who caught a snake with his bare hand. But, I wasn’t surprised to see God working in students’ lives. After spending a weekend in jail a few weeks earlier for a DWI, one young man is experiencing forgiveness and change from Jesus and sharing that with his Sigma Chi brothers.  

500 Greeks Gather and Hear the Gospel

Over 500 Greeks from fraternities and sororities at Stephen F. Austin gathered at a local venue to hear Country music artist Aaron Watson. Greekwide, Cru’s Greek ministry, brought Aaron in to perform a few acts and share with the students how the gospel of Jesus has impacted his life. Aaron shared about the sadness and grief he and his wife had experienced through the loss of one of their children. Then, he shared how his relationship with Jesus have given hope in that dark situation. Of the more than 500 students there, over 300 said they wanted to meet with someone from Greekwide to talk more about a relationship with God. Please pray for the Cru and Greekwide ministries at SFA as they follow up… Read More500 Greeks Gather and Hear the Gospel »

I wasn’t supposed to be there

Morgan wasn’t supposed to be in the student union that night. But, wandering around the union he stood outside a room listening to the band practice. “What is this about?” he asks. Morgan didn’t come to college looking for a Christian group. Yet, disappointment from an injury that ended his collegiate hockey career and darkness from the choices he has been making with alcohol and drugs left him searching for something more. Brent [pictured right] sat down with Morgan the next day and shared the gospel with him. Morgan now knows that the gospel doesn’t expect him to be the right kind of person now, but that life and change are found in Jesus.    

Would you talk with my daughter?

Christie received an email from a parent of a TCU freshman. I’ve received dozens of these emails over the years where a parent is concerned about the direction of their child’s life. She asked Christie if Cru would reach out to her daughter. When Christie contacted the girl, she seemed excited to connect. In fact, because of miscommunication the girl thought they were supposed to meet on Sunday, and she called Christie to check about it. The two of them talked for an hour on the phone. The next day Christie sat down with this freshman girl whose life was definitely going off the rails.  She gave her life to Christ and has been connecting with girls in the Cru movement [in the bottom right… Read MoreWould you talk with my daughter? »

Summer Missions – Heart Changing, Eye Opening, Challenging and Indescribable

Right now, another group of students are either heading out or settling in to the Summer Mission locations. We know from decades of experience that they are in for a life-changing summer.  Students often use words like heart-changing, eye-opening, challenging and indescribable.  They also tell us about feeling more confident in starting conversations about spiritual things and sharing their faith.

Falling Plates

A short film about life, death & love of a savior. If you liked the video or found it useful, please share it with others.